Predictions / Projections

10 year arctic trends
(see also 21yr trend)
Five years (threnody for Arctic sea ice) (Hot Topic, October 16, 2010)

Tamino's Bet
Tamino’s Warming/Cooling Trend Bet (Tamino, January 31, 2008)

Projected Temperature Profile to 2030
The Past and Future of Climate (David Archibald, May, 2007)
Archibald On Dr. Hathaway’s Most Recent Solar Cycle 24 Prediction (Archibald, October 6, 2010)

Dr G. Orssengo (April 2010)

Dr Syun Akasofu (2009)
Dr David Evans (2009)

Improved Surface Temperature Prediction for the Coming Decade from a Global Climate Model
Smith, et al (2007)

IPCC AR4 TS5.1 (2007)

Meinhausen (2009)

Quadratic Regression on PIOMASS sea ice thickness model
FrankD (April 2011)
h/t Neven

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