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Mosher: Deviant Standards?

2010 September 5 10 comments


Anthony Watts has picked up and posted some investigation by Steve Mosher (here and here) into the effects of the 5 standard deviation filter used by CRUTEM. Steve was looking into the 5SD filter to see if that could explain the differences between his global averaging and CRUTEM. It doesn’t. To see why it doesn’t, lets take a brief look at the effects of the 5SD filter within CRUTEM.

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CRUTEM: Replication -v- Reproduction

2010 July 5 10 comments

After my initial work on CRUTEM, I left it behind as I turned to work on GHCN metadata and then GSOD data set. Others, better qualified, turned to working the station anomalization and gridding methodologies. So it was with some surprise I bumped into comment whose author was bemoaning the lack of “replication” of CRUTEM.

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D’Aleo at Heartland: An Apple a Day

2010 May 24 36 comments

Joseph D’Aleo made an appearance at the Heartland Institute’s recent conference. This post is my turn at the cracker barrel, a response mostly to D’Aleo’s Slide #50

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