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NCDC DS-9640: Regional Temps First Look

2012 May 14

The DS-9640 data set is divided into 50 states and 9 regions. I was curious about regional variation. So here is a quick look at the 9 regional and the conus annual temps.

I found the spaghetti colors pretty difficult to follow. So a grey chart is below.

I am interested in the differences between the regional and the national temperature series. After anomalization, the mean of the difference between the regional and the national series is vanishingly small. The variance of the diffs is highest in NE region (.28) and lowest in the South (.14). A quick peak at histograms of the diffs indicate that those of NE diffs is probably the least normal, but shapiro-wilk flags “West North Central Region” (MT,WY,ND,SD,NE) as the most problematic (p-value ~.10). The sd is between .44 and .54 save for the South region with a sd of .38.

From the state.README, the states, divisions, and area weights are as below:

Northeast Region: CT, 0.02752; DE, 0.01130; ME, 0.18251; MD, 0.05812;
MA, 0.04537; NH, 0.05112; NJ, 0.04306; NY, 0.27242;
PA, 0.24910; RI, 0.00667; VT, 0.05280

East North Central Region: IA, 0.22098; MI, 0.22854; MN, 0.33003;
WI, 0.22045

Central Region: IL, 0.18169; IN, 0.11691; KY, 0.13013; MO, 0.22449;
OH, 0.13279; TN, 0.13609; WV, 0.07790

Southeast Region: AL, 0.17576; FL, 0.19944; GA, 0.20051; NC, 0.17952;
SC, 0.10576; VA, 0.13900

West North Central Region: MT, 0.31307; NE, 0.16432; ND, 0.15035;
SD, 0.16393; WY, 0.20833

South Region: AR, 0.09335; KS, 0.14461; LA, 0.08530; MS, 0.08388;
OK, 0.12291; TX, 0.46995

Southwest Region: AZ, 0.26819; CO, 0.24544; NM, 0.28645; UT, 0.19993

Northwest Region: ID, 0.33593; OR, 0.38990; WA, 0.27416

West Region: CA, 0.58943; NV, 0.41057

National (contiguous U.S.) values are computed from the regional values
weighted by area. The regional weights are as follows:

Northeast, 0.06021 East North Central, 0.08428 Central, 0.10271
Southeast, 0.09715 West North Central, 0.15551 South, 0.18822
Southwest, 0.14053 Northwest, 0.08230 West, 0.08908

  1. Jim Stalg
    2012 May 21 at 3:39 am

    If you look at the regional temperatures you’ll see:
    – no significant warming in the South, Ohio Valley and the South East since 1895;
    – no significant warming since 1986 in the North West, the Northern Rockies and plains and the
    – no significant warming since 1994 in the South West;
    – no significant warming since 1998 in the Upper Mid West and the North East.


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