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Goddard? Giggitty!

2011 September 28
My private corner of the internet has been interrupted by Steve-Goddard-spam. His 2011-2007 comparison of Sept 26 seems to be a real hit among some. This is tied into the tired ‘sea ice recovery’ meme. Of course, he isn’t comparing 2007 sea ice minima with 2011 minima. So I did it myself. Per IJIS, the 2011 minima was 20110909 and 2007 minima was 20070924. So I grabbed those two pics from the Cryosphere archive, color inverted one, and overlayed them. Click for the result.

The significant difference between the 2007 and 2011 sea ice extents, is that the Russian Northern Sea Route and Canadian/US Northwest Passage are wide open and ice free in 2011.

2007 09 24: 4254531 km^2
2011 09 09: 4527813 km^2