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SST Regions: Tropical West Pacific, 23N-23S, 120E-180E

2011 March 9
Next up is the Tropical West Pacific as defined by a bounding box 23N-23S, 120E-180E. There are some issues cropping HadSST2. I noticed it in the NW Pacific as well, but thought it was related to the fact that what should have been the upper row was all ‘NA.’ Gonna have to crack the raster ‘crop’ code open. However, I doubt that a row more or less on the boundaries will materially affect the results.

The very strong signal at 5.5 years found in the NorthWest Pacific, which was not present in the NorthEast Pacific, is echoed more weakly in the this Tropical West region. The 53-54 year trend is persistant across the time scale. There appears to be a breakpoint around 1900. Curious.

162, 54, 32.4, 14.7, 9.0, 8.1, 6.2, 5.8 160, 80, 53.3, 8.9, 5.7

Code is here: trend-sst-regional-twpac-fourier.R