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Huybers 2006b: Figure 1b

2011 January 26

Huybers 2006b Figure 1b is a graph of daily insolation throughout the year between the latitudes 30N and 70N.

I’ve started with Figure 1b because I had some code running around from last year which charted daily insolation based on methods scraped off of wiki and set to emulate a wiki chart. The insolation script helped me debug my port of Huybers’ daily insolation script when I had swapped the return of some variables. Having a library of scripts is a programmer’s friend.



My Insolation


My Figure 1b
So it took just a few adjustments to the shift the year and restrict the latitude. It took a little longer to hack the appropriate contour map. I’ve left some of my earlier attempts in the script. I’m not going to walk through the script since it is essentially the same approach that is in the wiki article on insolation.


And the original, once again, …

Playing Around

So what of the Southern Hemisphere? Easy enough to whip up, but I haven’t found a way to control the “colorkey”, so the values indicated by the colors don’t quite match those in the Northern Hemisphere.

And the difference …?

The Southern Hemisphere gets more sun in summer, a little less in winter, than the Northern Hemisphere.


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