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Did Global Warming Stop After 2007?

2011 January 5

One more set of these. This set is up because it shows the best chance to break a recent warm trend. This is because 2008 was relatively low in recent years. Keeping it out of the trend keeps the trend a bit higher and lets a low year kiss the edge of the ‘no trend / cooling trend’ realms.

You know the drill. I used the data set prepared by O’Day over at Climate Charts & Graphs. Thus, we have charts for GISTEMP, HadCRU, NOAA, RSS, UAH. The data for Dec 2010 is still missing – but I’m using the ave for Jan-Nov for the 2010 annual data.

The script is here

Trend GISTEMP 2007 30

Trend HADCRU 2007 30

Trend NOAA 2007 30

And for the satellites, 25 year trends …

Trend RSS 2007 25

Trend UAH 2007 25

For the curious, I have 0.051C as the UAH annual anomaly for 2008 while the lower boundary is at 0.018C – close to out, but still ‘in’ the ‘undetermined’ zone. But remember, I still don’t have December.