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Did Global Cooling Stop in 1970?

2011 January 4

The 1940 trends in the previous post gave us a look into a rising trend that did break into a ‘no trend’ and then a ‘cooling’ trend – for another 30 years. So I thought it would be interesting to look back from 1970. The 30 trend in 1970 actually shows a slight cooling … and reveals a bug in my code. The ‘no trend’ triangle should now be the triangular area above the trend when the trend is falling. (And I guess the chart title is off as well!)

I used the data set prepared by O’Day over at Climate Charts & Graphs. Thus, we have charts for GISTEMP, HadCRU, NOAA. The data for Dec 2010 is still missing – but I’m using the ave for Jan-Nov for the 2010 annual data.

The script is here

Trend GISTEMP 1970 30

Trend HADCRU 1970 30

Trend NOAA 1970 30


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