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Zou: NESDIS/STAR SNO-calibrated MSU/AMSU Radiances

2010 August 16


A reader points out the SNO corrected data for MSU/AMSU middle troposphere. The following is “version 2.0”

NESDIS/STAR SNO-calibrated MSU/AMSU Radiances

There are Release Notes.

This release note describes the basic characteristics of the NESDIS/STAR MSU/AMSU long-term climate data records (CDR), which include fundamental radiance CDRs (FCDR) calibrated using simultaneous nadir overpass (SNO) method, and the deep-layer atmospheric temperature thematic CDRs (TCDRs) developed from the SNO-calibrated radiance FCDRs.

Merging methods for V1.2 and V2.0 TCDRs are similar, which is summarized as follows: first derive gridded dataset from SNO-recalibrated, diurnal drift and incident angle corrected radiances; then Christy empirical approach is used to remove residual sun heating related instrument signals at the gridded product level after the SNO calibration. Target factors determined from ocean-mean data were applied globally; Finally, a grid-cell dependent constant bias correction was applied to remove lat/lon-dependent residual intersatellite biases before the merging.


Figure 1 MSU channel 2 and AMSU channel 5 inter-satellite difference time series for TIROS-N through NOAA-18 and MetOp-A of the global land (upper panel) and oceanic (lower panel) atmospheric temperatures for different calibration and merging methodologies. The abbreviation “N11-N10” stands for NOAA-11 minus NOAA-10, and so on. Unit in Kevin.

  1. 2010 August 16 at 8:36 pm

    I’m loving R.

    Had to do some excel reports today. Was wishing I had an R/Access/Excel interface. Might have to do some lobbying at work.

  2. 2010 August 16 at 11:54 pm

    Agreed. R is awesome! I was using Matlab previously, but there’s something about R that makes me favor it much more. Could it be that R fires up in 2 seconds instead of 30 seconds – 1 minute? Or that it’s not a massive memory hog? Or that it’s free? Tough to decide. Anyway, back to the R terminal!

  3. Steven Mosher
    2010 August 17 at 4:03 pm

    There is an R-excell package ron. cant find it right now bt have a look through the contributed packages

    Chad check out the new blog. stevemosher.wordpress.com

    R does rock

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