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WUWT: Amazing Grace, Unofficial Bibliography

2010 July 2

The “Amazing Grace” thread on WUWT gets a bibliography!

Glacier acceleration and thinning after ice shelf collapse in the Larsen B embayment, Antarctica,
Scambos, 2004

Warm ocean is eroding West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Shepard, 2004

(reg) Retreating glacier fronts on the Antarctic Peninsula over the past half-century
Cook, 2005

(reg) Snowfall-Driven Growth in East Antarctic Ice Sheet Mitigates Recent Sea-Level Rise
Davis, 2005

??? Changes in ice dynamics and mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet
Rignot, 2006

Mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet
Wingham, 2006

$$$ Widespread acceleration of tidewater glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula
Pritchard, 2007

(reg) Recent Sea-Level Contributions of the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets
Shepherd and Wingman, 2007

Recent Antarctic ice mass loss from radar interferometry and regional climate modelling
Rignot, 2008

$$$ Changes in West Antarctic ice stream dynamics observed with ALOS PALSAR data
Rignot, 2008

$$$ Ice sheet mass balance and sea level
Allison, 2009

Accelerated Antarctic ice loss from satellite gravity measurements
Chen, 2009

Ice-flow velocities on Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica, are stable over decadal timescales
Gudmundsson, 2009

Extensive dynamic thinning on the margins of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets
Pritchard, 2009

Regional ice-mass changes and glacial-isostatic adjustment in Antarctica from GRACE
Sasgen, 2009

$$$ Increasing rates of ice mass loss from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets revealed by GRACE
Velicogna, 2009


Book: The Physics of Glaciers
On Google Books

Video: Variegated Glacier 1983: Arrival of the Surge on the Lower Glacier

Chart: Ice basin flow rates (Rignot): http://lima.nasa.gov/img/rignot_basins.tif

  1. 2010 July 2 at 9:38 am

    Just FYI, I did try to publish this at the WUWT. Too many links and will require moderator rescue.

  2. carrot eater
    2010 July 2 at 9:54 am

    Are all of these works cited within the comments? For a WUWT thread, that’s an impressive number of cites to actual published work.

  3. 2010 July 2 at 10:17 am

    There was an Antarctic glacier phd student who jumped into the thread as well as some others with a clue. Also notable for several edits by moderator’s of some (presumably) intemperate responses by Goddard. Unfolds much like the Venus thread.

  4. carrot eater
    2010 July 2 at 10:30 am

    Think the moderator would allow a comment asking whether it’s cold enough to snow CO2?

  5. robert
    2010 October 17 at 8:38 am
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