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Steve Goddard's Snowjob

2010 February 27 10 comments


In the last several weeks, Steve Goddard has posted a series of threads on WUWT on Northern Hemisphere snow cover extent. (see here and here and here and here.) In one entitled North American snow models miss the mark – observed trend opposite of the predictions, Goddard uses data from Rutger’s Global Snow Lab to claim that the latest 22-year trend for Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb) in the Northern Hemisphere invalidates the CMIP3 modeling of snow extent as presented by Frei and Gong in 2005 in their paper Decadal to Century Scale Trends in North American Snow Extent in Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean General Circulation Models. This paper is summarized at a Columbia University web page Will Climate Change Affect Snow Cover Over North America?

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The Blunt Skippy

2010 February 16 Comments off

Joe Romm at Climate Progress is looking for ideas to populate his new Climate Science project (here and here). This reminded me of an old page I posted called the Four Points of AGW aka The Blunt Skippy. It sketches out the basics of AGW theory. Real Climate did a similar, but better page in six easy points.

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